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Greg Woodard

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Greg Woodard
G Woodard New.png
Age 24
Nationality USA.png American
TM Master Cup Series
Car # 41
Years Competed 2011-2013
Debut Season 2011
Current Team Power Steering Incorporated
Former Team(s) Terra International Motorsports
Championships 0
Pole Positions 0
Wins 1
Podiums 1
Points 161
First Start 2011 Round of Indianapolis
First Win 2013 Round of Wales
Last Win 2013 Round of Wales
Last Start 2013 Round of Queensland
Best Result 1st
TM Lights
Car # 61
Years Competed 2011
Debut Season 2011
Former Team(s) Team Timothy
Championships 0
Pole Positions 0
Wins 0
Podiums 0
Best Finish
First Start 2001 TM Lights Round of Quebec
Last Start 2011 TM Lights Round of Decatur
American Stock Car Championship career
Car # 41
Years Competed 2013
Current Team Power Surge America
Championships 0
Pole Positions 0
Wins 0
Top 5 Finishes ?
Top 10 Finishes ?
Best Finish ?
First Start TBA
Last Start TBA
ARLA Elite Series career
Car # 410
Years Competed 2012-2013
Debut Season 2012
Current Team Terra International Motorsports
Championships 0
Pole Positions 0
Wins 1
Top 5 Finishes 0
Top 10 Finishes 3
First Attempt 2011 Rockford 200
First Start 2012 ARLA Elite Series Rookie Shootout
First Win 2012 Mosport 150k
Last Win 2012 Mosport 150k
Last Start 2013 Izumi Engines Grand Prix of Suzuka
Last Attempt 2013 Rockford 200
Dash Stock Cup career
Years Competed 2013
Former Team(s) Terra International Motorsports
Championships 0
Pole Positions 0
Wins 0
Podiums ?
Best Finish ?
First Start 2013 Championship Night
Last Start 2013 Championship Night
Formula Overdrive career
Car # 41
Years Competed 2012
Debut Season 2012
Former Team(s) Terra International Motorsports
Championships 0
Pole Positions 0
Wins 0
Podiums 0
Best Finish
First Start 2012 Hanmore World Championships
Last Start 2012 Hanmore World Championships
TM Canon Driver

"Yellow's Out?! But we are so close!"


—Greg Woodard, upon hearing that Kevin Dwyer had caused the final yellow flag at Carbondale.

Gregory Michael Woodard (born October 11, 1989 in Joliet, Illinois), is an American race car driver, currently competing full-time in the TM Master Cup for Power Steering Incorporated. He controversially scored his first win at the 2013 Round of Wales, a decision even he did not agree with.

Woodard previously competed full-time in the FARC Elite Series, where he has one career win, and occasionally dabbles in other forms of motorsport.



Greg was born to Jeffery Allan Woodard and Tamara (Tammy) Lynn Driver on October 11th, 1989. Greg became interested in auto racing on his 5th birthday when his step father took him to watch the Rockford 200. However, due to his lack of connections or resources, he was unable to start racing until he was a young adult. He was able to use simulators from time to time, but this didn't provide enough for him.

Prior to 2011 Season

Air Force

During his stint in the Air Force, where he worked as a Maintenance Management Analyst (Paper Pusher for local Crew Chiefs), he was able to watch local dirt track races. He asked his commanding officer to allow him to attempt a race... the answer was no. Mainly due to the risks involved.

Late Model Career

Greg finally got his start in late models when he was honorably discharged and went into racing school using the money he received. The team owner of Terra International Motorsports, a small team which fielded the Lycoia Brute, signed Woodard to a development contract in order to hone his skills and to get some attention for the small team. Woodard would race in several late model races throughout the Midwest, until one day the team was alerted to open spots at Indianapolis. Due to funding levels at the time, this event seemed like a good shot to show that the team had what it took to go places. Greg was all too thrilled to go to Indy.

2011 Season

2011 TM Master Cup Round of Indianapolis scheme.
2011 TM Master Cup Round of Indianapolis scheme. (If scheme had not been rushed for the race).
2011 TM Master Cup Round of Decatur scheme.

TM Master Cup

He first entered the 2011 Round of Indianapolis and was rated to be a literal 'no-one' during the qualifiers. Woodard was expected to not even qualify for the race. Pundits and veterans of the series were shocked when Woodard not only got past the pre-qualifying round, but qualified his way into the race. Of course, believing it to be a fluke, they were once again surprised that Woodard was able to reach 5th before falling back due to his tires being cut by wear or debris. Woodard would finish 1 lap down after the checkered flag fell. Woodard also brought the relatively unknown brand of Lycoia into the focus of the TM Master Cup fans and veterans alike.

Woodard would enter the 2011 Round of Decatur and yet again qualified his way in. However, his car did not handle as well as intended and he fell back after running off the snake and hitting Jason Teller Jr. the driver of the recently acquired Lycoia Striker SS. Woodard, once again would fall off the lead lap and finish way out of points.

  • Note: Both races that Woodard attended saw the winless streaks of Ian Cooper and Scott Bates come to an end respectively.

TM Lights

Woodard would enter the TM Lights to drive the #61 Inglesby for Dan Timothy Racing for the remainder of the season. His results were usually towards the mid-field or DNF'ing due to other drivers. The weirdest moment of that part of his career was his engine failing in the pit lane while at Decatur.


He would attempt to qualify for the 2011 Rockford 200 but was wrecked during the B-Main.

2012 Season

2012 TM Master Cup Independent's Trophy Scheme for Carbondale.
2012 TM Master Cup Independent's Trophy Scheme post Carbondale.
Proposed Scheme for 2012 Rounds of Indianapolis, New York, and Decatur.
2012 ARLA Elite Series Scheme

TM Master Cup

Woodard's first race was at the 2012 Round of Carbondale. He started mid-field and raced towards the front, where he would stay for the majority of the race. Woodard was able to sneak around Luciano Soveral to gain the lead. Woodard then led the most laps up until Adrien Devereux challenged him for the lead. At one point it seemed that Woodard would have lost the lead but he used the outside lane to regain the lead. Woodard would eventually lead until 15 laps to go when a caution allowed Devereux to regain the lead and win the race.

Woodard failed to pole qualify (again) at the 2012 Karjala Grand Prix. Woodard would finish 18th in his pre-qualifying round, just 4 spots shy of the final transfer position. He headed back to Canada to finish his ARLA tour there.

Woodard would wind up being wrecked out of the 2012 Round of Quincy after getting as high as 4th. Woodard debuted the Interceptor during the race. One note is that Thomas Moore was the one to take himself and Woodard out, with Moore being in the lead and Woodard being several laps down.

After starting in the 21st position, Woodard's race at the 2012 Round of Wisconsin got off to a slow start as he fell back all the way to 28th. After several successful and quick pit stops, Woodard would be able to pick off opponents one by one and land himself in 13th. He said he didn't drive as hard to conserve the tires especially after what happened at Carbondale.

Woodard has been contacted by Power Steering Incorporated about a possible ride during the 2012 Round of Victoria, though this has yet to be confirmed. If Woodard participates, it wouldn't go towards his Independent's Trophy Campaign.

During the 2012 Round of Indianapolis Woodard would find himself being penalized after colliding with Dale Roswell under caution, however, he was merely docked points and nothing else.

Woodard was moderately successful in the 2012 Round of Victoria, although he would finish several laps down, he managed to get up to the top 5 before falling back.

Woodard's last Independent's Trophy race will be at the upcoming 2012 Round of British Columbia. Woodard is now mathematically ineligible to win the ITC due to the points penalty.

Woodard would wind up his attempt at the Independent's Trophy at British Columbia, his race was rather mundane, however, he finished 13th after starting 28th. A very good finish for the season at large. Even if they don't make Decatur, Woodard will get one last hurrah at the Texas Motor Speedway for the 2012 Hanmore World Championships.

Woodard will finish 11th in the Independent's Trophy standings, while Lycoia would have the honor of getting knocked off the top spot by Omecha with Gaspar de Sousa and Danny Savin behind the wheel.


Woodard would run the 2012 ARLA Elite Series Rookie Shootout mid-field, even falling off the pace after making contact with fellow rookie Barton Sandy. Like his TM Master Cup ride, he would drive the #41 car. However, the car is sponsored by Trollbusters.

Woodard headed to Daytona for the season opener after Dallas Speedpark was hit by a tornado and could not be used. Woodard was able to avoid the big one by using skills that are hardly used at an ARLA event: Braking! He would eventually get up to third position before spinning himself and Kyle Gaffigan out but he and Gaffigan kept going after not being hit or hitting anything. Woodard would take a 7th place finish after all the madness.

He then headed to Talladega where he saw the worst crash of his career, he wound up DNF'ing and having his spotter fired due to him being told the low lane was clear when it wasn't. He personally told reporters post-race that he would be praying for Mark Freestone after his horrific accident.

Woodard's ARLA race at Carbondale was rather quiet, he finished in the mid field.

Woodard's race at Piqua was the first time he fell off the lead lap, not due to wrecks, but due to the whole thing being a green flag run. A feat not done for some time. He stayed to watch the second round, which made up for the 1st round.

Woodard was knocked around by many drivers, including clipping his teammate Kelly Splison during an incident where Alex Carson turned her into the wall and Taylor Brillon, Woodard had little time to react, the damage would put him off the Pace, he would later DNF due to being cause of the wreck by stuffing Nami Mura into the wall, which disabled his car and it sat right in the middle of traffic. This is what caused even more drivers to receive damage or DNF.

For Woodard's first race in Canada, it was a disaster. He was hit every which way to Sunday. Two drivers in particular he remembers hitting him: Jennifer Goodwin and Lawrence Burr. Goodwin, Woodard believed wasn't at fault for that one, Burr on the other hand had no reason to run over Woodard and turning him into the tire barriers protecting pit lane.

Woodard would go on to win the Monsoon like conditions during the second round at Mosport, his team had finally seen victory lane, without actually being able to see the actual lane itself. Woodard had pitted with Joseph Howard to come out with the freshest tires and beat Kyle Gaffigan, who had an encounter with Derek Dudding. A note should be added as Woodard finished about 50 seconds ahead of Gaffigan.

Woodard would later state that the whole win was a fluke and does not consider it a 'genuine' win because of the conditions of the race.

Woodard and the rest of the Terra International Motorsports bunch will be attempting the Mini Indy 500, however, they will need to qualify in to race there. Woodard's next guaranteed race will be at the Lone Star Supercell for the Smash Beer 200.

Woodard's luck has not improved, his ARLA career seems to be going the way of the dodo.

There was a spot of hope for Woodard and the other TIM drivers, all three drivers finished their races at Memphis after Kelly Splison suffered an injury at Iowa.

At Orange Country Fairgrounds in New York, Woodard would race in round 2. He would protest the race being restarted after the horrific crash that took the life of Scott Morales. Woodard finished in 14th place which he was happy with. Woodard would be forced to miss Talladega due to attempting the 2012 Round of New York in New York City being in the same weekend.

Woodard wouldn't be able to prequalify for the Rockford 200 for the second year in a row.

After many ARLA fans voted Woodard into the Apocalypse Survival Special at Rockford. Woodard's car suffered mechanical problems from the get go eventually forcing him to fall out with less than 20 to go. Woodard was ordered by his team to make his last race 'exciting' by slowing down the leaders and allowing the actual ARLA drivers to catch up. This would be Woodard's last race with Terra Int'l Motorsports before he was to head onto Power Steering Incorporated.

Formula Overdrive

Woodard would participate in the Championship race at Texas Motor Speedway, he would go on to dominate a good portion of the race before being taken out of contention due to lapped cars and a late race incident involving the now deceased Peter Kreamer.

Rumors for 2013

TM Master Cup

There have been rumors circulating about Lycoia going full time in 2013, Woodard has fervently denied or downplayed the rumors. He has stated that his team has not been contacted by officials about this. Woodard has told others, primarily through Twitter, that everyone should keep their questions to themselves until the list for the 2013 teams has been confirmed. Said rumors came through Leonid Roderick over twitter, asking Woodard about the rumors right before the Pre-Qualifying rounds at Karjala. Woodard has privately told close friends and family members that if he and the team land the full time spot(s) on the grid in 2013. He is worried that another team would be ejected from the roster. Here is the post that started the rumors: hot4roderick: Whats this I hear about Lycoia being full time in 2013? Maybe @GWoodard41 knows... NIKON Corporation has been slated to remain as Woodard's primary sponsor for 2013. Other companies are currently in talks about sponsoring the car as secondaries or tertiary sponsors. Woodard found out through a press release on Power Steering Incorporated's website that he and several others were being considered for a ride in place of the recently... released Anthony Griffith. FROZR Graphic Cards has also signed on to Woodard in a dual sponsorship deal with Nvidia, who owns FROZR.

Another team that has sought interest in Woodard is Star Team Nemoto. Rumors are that he was either contacted or was on the short list for a ride if International Racing Superstar Tom Delgado should retire.

Woodard has been confirmed to be heading to PSI in 2013. It seems that Lycoia's backing and the amount of other sponsorship has made him a pay driver, hopefully he will prove that he has the talent to push through that view of him.


Jack Dempsey will be taking Woodard's place in the 41 come 2013, as he has substituted for Woodard in several rounds during the 2012 season.

2013 Season

2013 TM Master Cup Schemes.

TM Master Cup

2013 Talking Points

At the 2013 Round of California, Woodard had the fortune to have a decent car and qualified up in the top 15. That would soon go to waste, as he got caught up in a wreck on lap 5. This effectively ended the day for Woodard, along with Divina Henton and Yamino Tenchi.

At the 2013 Round of Carbondale, Woodard's luck would remain the same as he was caught up in an incident early in the race. While he was off the lead lap for the majority of the race. He was almost as fast as the leaders but had tire issues about 75% the way into the race. He would wind up about 4 laps down at the end of the race.

Unlike the last two races, it seems that Woodard's luck turned around significantly... and then fell on it's face at the 2013 Round of Georgia. Woodard, who proved himself by clawing his way into the top 5 from mid-field, was unfortunetly set to face some sort of issue in the manner of backmarkers. One backmarker decided to not back off when Woodard was attempting to pass him and another. Both backmarkers weren't racing for position and one of them was punted off the track with Woodard. After Soveral's and Roderick's attempt at phasing through each other, Woodard would have had a shot at 2nd place if the incident with the backmarkers didn't happen... at all. Woodard was also able to recover a good portion of positions in the provisional standings.

The 2013 Round of England saw rather wet conditions that only set the precedent further in Woodard's rather abysmal luck. While he was able to keep up with most of the drivers. He wound up going off track several times. He also got into an incident in the pit lane when his crew released him right into Adrian Devereux. This will force him to start at the rear of the field for the 2013 Round of France.

Speaking of the 2013 Round of France, Woodard was the victim of a incident coming into the last chicane before he even completed a lap. Needless to say, the incident and his early retirement didn't help matters any.

The 2013 Round of Sweden would be another silver lining in Woodard's career as he would finish a quiet 6th and would go on to see Kurt Plissken take the win in the #16 Snake Coils Lycoia Interceptor.

Karjala turned out to be another DNQ for Woodard.

The 2013 Round of Russia saw Woodard be a hero from a post qualifying tech inspection failure (which forced him to start at the rear of the grid) to find himself in the top 10 until pit stops put him back in 27th.

The 2013 Round of Wales had a very controversial finish with Woodard actually winning due to Roderick being taken out through penalties and the entire Hodges Walter Racing brigade being wiped from the results from illegal tire testing at Barcelona. Woodard, being the honest man that he is, has told people that he will join the appeal, even if it costs him this alleged win.

The 2013 Round of South Carolina had Woodard sent to be back rather early in the going and his engine blowing up under yellow with only a few laps remaining.

The next few races after the Round of South Carolina were either uneventful or something stupid happened to Woodard. Woodard fail to qualify for the second and remaining double points event of the season.

The 2013 Round of Colorado had the usual bout of bad luck when Scott Bates spun in front of Woodard in the tunnel. Woodard, with no where to go, ran into Bates. He would constantly give the leaders headaches trying to let them around him afterwards.

The 2013 Round of Victoria shown a slight bright spot in Woodard's season but a possible top 5 finish blew up in his face when his engine suffered a brain fade.

The 2013 Round of Queensland had Woodard facing major adversity during the race when... (will be revealed later)


For a driver his age, he has a sense of loyalty to those who treat him well enough. He is the type of person who is nice with others but will deal with them accordingly if the need arises. He usually doesn't hold a grudge unless someone intentionally screws with him or hurts people he cares about. His sense of humor can be best described as snarky or sarcastic. He can laugh at himself as well, but he doesn't take kindly to being called anything along the lines of 'stupid', 'idiot', or anything else similar. He usually is careful about his language, going so far as to say words with a certain meaning but not cussing, especially over his radio. If he sees someone abusing a child, he will let them know how he feels about it. He treats his fanbase exceedingly well, however, has had to deal with restraining orders because of the stalkers.

Woodard was formerly in a relationship with Sarah Xavier. The two have since broken up, due to his career placing too much stress on their relationship.


He is a member of several offline and online racing leagues. He owns several firearms with all legal documents included. However, he never travels with one unless he's out skeet shooting during the off season. He recently has had to deal with bandwagon fans who felt ripped off because of his performance at Carbondale. Woodard has been careful enough by not involving anyone he knows in the situation. His political stances have gained him a few detractors, especially those who have opposing views entirely. He is a Christian by birth and faith, however, he's not the type to shove his views down others' throats, as that would be disrespectful. As part of his personality, he respects opposing and alternative beliefs or viewpoints but will not allow them to be shoved down his throat.

Yr Entrant Car Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Standings Points
2013 Power Steering Incorporated Lycoia Interceptor 41 CAL






































Career Statistics

TM Master Cup Series

Year Races Wins Poles Top 5 Top 10 DNF DNQ Season Rank Team
2011 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 N/A Terra International Motorsports (#41)
2012 8 0 0 1 0 1 1 11th (ITC) Terra International Motorsports (#41)
2013 11 1 0 1 1 3 1 16th Power Steering Incorporated (#41)
Totals 21 1 0 2 1 4 2 N/A 2 teams/3 seasons

TM Lights Series

Year Races Wins Poles Top 5 Top 10 DNF DNQ Season Rank Team
2011 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 N/A Dan Timothy Racing (#61)
Totals 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 N/A (Average) 1 team/1 season

ARLA Elite Series

Year Races Wins Poles Top 5 Top 10 DNF DNQ Season Rank Team
2011 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 N/A Patriot Racing (#41)
2012 13* 1 0 0 3 4* 2 N/A* Terra International Motorsports (#41)
Totals 13* 1* 0 0 3 4* 3 N/A* (Average) 1 team/2 seasons
  • Italics Represent Current or Incomplete Season.
  • 2012 Round of Talladega (ARLA) results wiped.
  • TMMC Championship Rank/Independent's Trophy Rank
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